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About Department

The Department of Mathematics came to life in the year 1972 with sixteen students on the role for the course M.A./M.Sc. in Mathematics. Over the years new regular programmes such as M. Phil. and Ph. D., have been added in its activities. Sanctioned student strength has also increased. Occasionally scholars register for award of D.Sc., the highest degree of the country, under the auspices of this Department. So far three D.Sc.s have been produced from here.

The alumni of the Department have excelled in public life in various prestigious capacities.

Through the dedicated efforts of research scholars and faculty, the Department has created for itself a niche in research in the fields of Differential Equations, Summability Theory, Sequence Spaces, Fourier Analysis, Complex Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Cosmology and Gravitation. Faculty of the Department referee and review research papers in these areas for renowned international journals.

As a part of its co curricular activity the Department frequently hosts Conferences, Seminars, Refresher Courses, Workshops, PAC meetings and so on. The Department is a favourite destination for experts all over the country in the broad area of Mathematical Analysis.

The Department is a Zonal Coordinating centre for Mathematics Olympiad Tests conducted by the National Board for Higher Mathematics, Government of India. Under this outreach programme, about 1500 talented school going young students appear these tests every year in centres spread over nine districts under the jurisdiction of Berhampur University.

On the basis of the Department profile and academic achievements of the faculty, the Department has been selected for Department Research Support (DRS) under the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) of UGC Phase-I during 1994-99 and Phase-II during 2000-2005. A grant of Rs. 20.00 lakhs has been sanctioned by UGC under SAP in the Financial Year 2007-2008. The Department has been receiving library Grants from the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM-DAE) since 1993.

Master Degree (M.A./M.Sc.)

About Course Programme

The Department offers two-year-Master degree in Mathematics.

The Post Graduate curriculum is reoriented in consonance with modern developments following the guidelines of U.G.C. Though the emphasis remains on strengthening Pure Mathematics background of the students, topics on Applied Mathematics are also introduced in the curriculum as special papers.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

For admission into M.A. / M.Sc. course the applicant must have passed +3 Arts/Science Examination securing given percentage of marks as prescribed in the prospectus from time to time.


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Class Schedule

M.A./M.Sc. course 11.00 a.m to 04.30 p.m.

M.Phil (Mathematics)

About Course Programme

The Department has been offering M.Phil programme since 1978 to acquaint the students with advanced areas of research in Mathematics.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

For admission into M. Phil in Mathematics programme the applicant must satisfy the following:

• Be a Post Graduate in Mathematics securing given percentage of marks as prescribed in the prospectus

• Appear and qualify an Entrance Examination conducted by the University

• Appear and qualify in a Viva voce/Interview conducted by the Department

Curriculum / Syllabi

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Class Schedule

M.Phil programme 10.30 a.m to 04.30 p.m.


About Course Programme

The Department also offers research programme leading to Ph. D degree. The major thrust area of research is Complex Analysis, Operations Research , Summability, Sequence spaces, Fourier Series, Differential and & integral Equations, Relativity and Cosmology.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

A candidate in order to enroll for Ph. D. must be a Post Graduate or above in Mathematics securing given percentage of marks as per the prospectus and has to qualify any one of the following:

• University Research Entrance Test


• Award of DST-INSPIRE fellowship /NBHM fellowship /RGN fellowship /MAN fellowship

• Viva voce/Interview

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click Here to Download the Pre Ph.D. Syllabus (w.e.f. 2020)

Course Schedule

• Pre-Doctoral programme is offered in one semester having two theory papers of 100 marks each.

Class room teaching and guidance: 10.30 a. m. to 04.30 p.m.


The programme is conducted as per the guidelines of regulations of the University.


Dr. Padmanava Samanta
M.Sc.., M.Phil., LL.B., Ph.D.
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Dr. Samanta holds a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Berhampur University. He has a large number of research publications in international and national journals of repute in the areas of Summability Series, Fuzzy Inventory Management and Graph Theory. He is a author of a book in Summability Series. He has guided several M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. Before joining this Department as a lecturer in 2011, he had also served as the Head of the Department of Mathematics, Gopalpur College, Gopalpur during 1987 to 2011. Presently, Dr. Samanta discharge the duty of Nodal Officer (AISHE), Asst. Superintendent, Boys Hostel, Member in Board of Studies in Mathematics of this University. He is a Zonal Coordinator of Mathematical Olympiad since 2012 for Berhampur region. He is a member of Board of Studies of many autonomous Colleges. He is a life member of Orissa Mathematical Society and Indian Mathematical Society.

Dr. Raghunath Patra
M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Dr. Raghunath Patra holds Ph.D degree in mathematics from Berhampur University. His research areas are General Relativity and Cosmology. He has published research papers in reputed international journal such as African Review of phy.,Int.J.Phy. and Math.Sc.,I.J.Math.Res,I.J.Phy. and Appl. etc. and author of some books also. Besides this, his specialization subjects are Functional analysis and Algebra. He has guided several M. Phil and Ph. D students. Before joining in this department as a lecturer in 2011, he has served as lecturer in mathematics at Udaya Pratap Science College, Sheragada, Ganjam during the period 04.09.1991 to 05.04.2011. Apart from academic, he has been actively participating in several co-curricular activities of the University. Currently, he is a life member of Indian Mathematical society and Odisha mathematical society. Also, he is a member of Board of studies of Mathematics of the University. Besides this, he is reviewer of International Journal of Theoretical Physics.


Seminar Library

In addition to the Central library of the university, the Department also maintains a separate Seminar Library housed in the department supported by the University, Special Assistance Programme of the UGC and NBHM. There are more than 2000 books and journals of Mathematics in the seminar library for reference of the students.


There is a well equipped Computer Laboratory with more than 15 computers for computational purpose.


Other facilities such as internet connection, photocopier, scanner, digital visualizers, LCD Projector and power generator are also available. The teachers and scholars make use of internet facility for survey of literature by visiting sites like and SCOPUS.


Since inception, the Department has produced 65 Ph.D. and 150 M.Phil scholars.

Research Area in the Department

1.  Complex analysis

2.  Real Analysis

3. Functional Differential Equations and Integral Equations

4. Summability Theory in Sequence Space, and Fourier Series

5. Inventory Control

6. Relativity and Cosmology


1.  An International Conference supported by UGC and entitled “Analysis and Applications” was organized during 20-21 July 2012. Professor G. Das was the chief guest on the occasion. Professor M. Saraj, Shahid Chamran University of Iran delivered the keynote address. Dr. U.K. Misra, Reader was felicitated on the eve of his retirement from University service.

2.  A two day seminar was organized during 21-22 December, 2012. On 21-12-2012 the concluding day of the “Indian Year of Mathematics” was celebrated. On 22-12-2012 the 126th Birth anniversary of eminent Indian Mathematician S. Ramanujan was commemorated. On this occasion Dr. Manaranjan Mishra, IIT Ropar, Punjab was the chief guest. He delivered a seminar talk entitled “Mathematical modeling of hydrodynamical instability in porous media.” Dr. P. Gochhayat, University of Pretoria, South Africa spoke on the topic “An extension of the Chebyshev polynomials.” Professor A.K. Mishra delivered a lecture entitled “Remembering Ramanujan.”


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Delivery the Speech by Guest of Honor at ICAA 2012
Falicitation at Conference
Audience at International Conference for Analysis and Applications
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